If you are living in Toronto, then you do not get panicked because of roof leaking and repairing of the roof. Instead of trying to fix the problem you may get hurt or involve in other things such as improper roof repair, money wastage. In that case, you should remain calm and wait for good weather since cold and rain makes the rooftop slippery.

When you think it is the right time to repair then call XXX roofers or a professional roofing contractor in Toronto.

Here are some key points you should remember to keep your roof in top shape in Toronto:

  1. Take Precautions: While climbing roofs always wear rubber sole shoes along with a harness to get protected as rooftops are not comfortable and safe like your bed.
  2. Spray the rooftop: To detect a leak on the rooftop, go to the rooftop and start spraying at each area to detect the leakage.
  3. Keep your gutter clean: The main reason behind the leakage is the clogging of gutters. Always maintain the gutters as during rains they can cause water to build up.
  4. Stay away from dry rot: Due to the lack of ventilation dry rot exists. Always prevent the roof from rotting as it develops sagging in the roof.
  5. Always inspect the attic: Attic is the area around where many leaks spring out before becoming serious. Also, look out for soft areas in the wood and any indications of an animal or insect living there.
  6. Figuring about ice buildup: During snowfall, there are chances that ice gets accumulated below the roof membrane, shingles and gutter area. So, at that time you need to ensure ventilation, through rain and ice shields, along with installing a drip edge.
  7. Inspect materials needed: Always check the material before installing as there may be the possibility of having faulty material. Thus, it is important to check the merchandise before installing.
  8. Check on roof boots: People always forget to check Roof boots. It is the place where the roof fence comes up.
  9. Have a look at valleys: In roof terminology, the valley is where the two roofs intersect. It is highly essential to check out the valleys when going for roof repair because mostly leakages build up here.

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